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  • Indoor Grow Lights-Toplight-L 06.20/2023

    If you just start with indoor or hydroponic growing, the first significant factor you must take into account is how to provide your plants with enough lights. 

    You may have known that plants cannot survive without light. So can artificial lights replace the sunlight when it comes to growing indoors? 

    The answer is yes.


    However, for seedlings, leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach, #Lightera Toping-L is preferred not only because of its light intensity and spectral color wavelengths, which are suitable for these plants

    LED grow light

    #TOPLIGHT-L is a member of the horticulture product line from Sanan’s  product release for 2019.The chainable main cable design and multiple installation methods for different applications.

    It is mainly used in vertical farm and greenhouse

    Greenhouse light supplement

    With the brand position of “The Pioneer of Light”, Lightera devotes itself to lead the future of lighting.
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