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  • Why Are Grow Lights So Important? 12.16/2022

    You already know that light is food for plants, and plants cannot live, let alone thrive, without it.The more light you provide, the happier and healthier your plants will be.More light provided by grow lights helps your plants to photosynthesize more, grow faster, and produce bigger leaves and more sugars for their development.


    To get great results with grow lights for indoor plants, you need to be aware of the importance of selecting a good grow light that produces enough light of sufficient intensity to keep your plants alive.


    #LIGHTERA's plant growth lights simulate light distribution based on your plant's light needs, providing the best growth light for different plants.






    LED Pendant light,LED COB Spot Light,Ceiling Downlight,UVC Sterilizer (lightera.net)

    With the brand position of “The Pioneer of Light”, Lightera devotes itself to lead the future of lighting.
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